Editorial and Management Board


Jason Smith_2 Surg Capt Jason Smith joined the Royal Navy and qualified in medicine from Newcastle University in 1992. He was appointed as a consultant in emergency medicine at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth in 2005.He is currently the Defence Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Academic Department of Military Emergency Medicine, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham. He was also appointed Royal College of Emergency Medicine Professor in 2013, and is an Honorary Professor at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.He assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service in December 2015. He is also a Decision Editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal, and an Associate Editor for the Journal of the RAMC and the journal Trauma.jasonesmith@nhs.net

Associate Editors

HEAMESRichard Surg Cdr Richard Heames is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Southampton University Hospital with special interest in regional Anaesthetic. Editorial responsibility for submissions and work flow.richard.heames@nhs.net
P1050659 Surg Cdr Tony Lambert is an ex-rugby playing general surgeon, who remains one of ‘the old school’. He has a wealth of deployed experience and maintains a very broad based and wide ranging surgical practice. He is happy to be contacted by deployed personnel for advice.anthony.lambert@nhs.net
Surg Cdr David Gay is a consultant radiologist with a special interest in MSK imaging appointed to Derriford Hospital and consultant advisor in radiology to MDG(N).davegay@nhs.net
Surg Cdr John J Mathews is a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in sports injuries and knee surgery.jonjmatthews@googlemail.com
Rob Milner Surg Cdr Rob Milner is an Occupational Health Physician based at INM who has previously been the Senior Medical Officer of 3 Commando Brigade. He has an interest in human performance in austere environments and Rugby.robamilner@hotmail.com
Assistant Editors  
JPB Surg Lt Cdr Jowan G Penn-Barwell is a T&O registrar with an clinical and academic interest in severe lower limb injuries and reconstruction, an area in which he has published extensively. Along with editorial responsibility for the JRNMS website and reviewing submissions, he also reviewers for Bone and Joint Journal. He also has a fascination with ballistics and the history of military medicine.Jowanpb@me.com
Surg Lt Cdr Matt O’Shea is an Infectious Diseases Registrar with an academic interest in tuberculosis.m.k.oshea@doctors.org.uk
FullSizeRender Maj Sandy Wood RMR is a retired RN Orthopaedic Consultant with an interest in Soft Tissue knee injuries, trauma and cold weather injuries. He is also an editor for the Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery and remains involved with the military as the second in command of Royal Marines Reserve Scotland.drsandywood@googlemail.com
 Donald Angus Surg Lt Cdr Donald Angus is a General Practitioner with responsibility for the JRNMS electronic archive.donald-angus@doctors.org.uk
 IainEdgar Surg Lt Cdr Iain Edgar is an EM registrar with an interest in Pre-hospital care in austere and extreme environments.iained@doctors.org.uk
Surg Lt Cdr Elspeth Hulse is an anaesthetic registrar with an academic interest in chemical warfare.elspeth_uk@hotmail.com
 PERMANENT STAFF DCHET/DHET 2016 Lt Cdr Andreana Glendinning is an Intensive Care Nurse and an Educator she is currently the Nurse Education Advisor for the RN. She is the lead for Nursing articles and submissions.Andreana.Glendinning943@mod.uk